For Corporates

We assess students from campus and beyond, train students and increase employability quotient.
India's fast growing economy and the resultant manifold growth in manpower requirements, in the coming years will grow exponentially. This demands higher agility and innovation. Recruiting ArthaVidhya trained candidates will help in reducing the training costs as the candidates are ready for the job right from the day one.

During training process, ArthaVidhya students gain a practical experience which is equivalent to 6 months of work experience, Thus it is, not only cost savings but also enhancing employee productivity.

Our home grown assessment tool (SGAP) identifies the strength and weakness of candidates in the following domains.
  • Application of academics
  • Analytical skill
  • Process knowledge
  • Accounting software tools expertise
This may be very usefull for corporates to identify the skill levels of existing employees as well as screening new recruits.

Get readily trained man-power and save on training time and training costs.
  • Access to comprehensive analysis of the students competencies based on the various learning moments captured during the course.
  • Insight into competency of students working in simulated office environment.
  • Train existing workforce for specific roles or upgrade their skills, even at the remotest locations
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